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Danish Design & Craftsmanship since 1908


It all began in 1908 where Peder Olsen Sibast opened a little carpentry in the countryside on the island of Funen in Denmark. With great passion he started the making of handcrafted wooden furniture. The same year his son Helge Sibast was born. The years passed, Helge grew up and soon became his father’s apprentice. He carried on the same passion for his craftsmanship as his father and eventually this passion lead him to take over the family business. The foundation for the future Sibast Furniture was made.

The small carpentry business grew and developed, and in 1943 the three children of Peder Olsen Sibast took over the running of the now fast growing furniture factory. Helge Sibast and the famous Danish furniture architect who served his apprenticeship with Finn Juhl, Arne Vodder began in the 1950’s a yearlong and trusted collaboration. This lead to the Sibast Furniture production of several different dining chairs, tables, sideboards, etc. The simple and functionalistic design made by high quality craftsmanship was sold around the world and in the 1960’s Sibast Furniture even reached The White House in the USA.

In 1984 Sibast Furniture was sold by the Sibast family, just a year before Helge Sibast passed away. Helge Sibast’s three daughters retained the copyright of their father’s designs and made sure the design heritage was kept in the Sibast family.

In 2012 the grandson of Helge Sibast, Ditlev Sibast and his wife Anna Sibast established the company Sibast Furniture once again to resume the manufacturing of Helge Sibast unique designs. Their passion for Danish design and in particular for Helge Sibast design lead to the very first relaunch of the Danish design classic; the dining chair Sibast No 8.




Sibast No 9



Sibast No 7 and dining table No 2

Sibast No 7 and No 8 oil with Remix wool

Sibast No 7 and dining table No 2

Sibast No 7_Oil side

Sibast No 7_black

Sibast No 7_oil

Sibast No 7_oil back.jpg
Sibast No 7_oil back.jpg

Sibast No 8_soap_Remix 123 light grey

Sibast No 8 new Oil finish honey leather

Sibast No 8

Sibast no 8 soap_black_oil_honey savanne leather

Sibast No 8