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Few lamps have had as strong an impact as the FollowMe. A pioneer in portable
lighting, this bold lantern has become a design icon in just a few short years.
Its simple and lightweight shapes, tiltable lampshade and technological rigor have
cemented its position as a practical and beautiful trendsetter.

  • Product Info


    H 11.34" x  ø 4.84"


    • Diffuser: Opal polycarbonate
    • Body: Polycarbonate
    • Handle: Plywood with natural oak varnish

    Other Information:

    • Dimmable: Yes
    • Integrated dimmer: Yes
    • Dimmer Type: 3-step dimmer
    • Light source: LED SMD 1A 3.5W 2700K CRI90 216lm
    • Luminaire: in 5 Vdc 1.5A 135lm
    • Charging time 10 h
    • Battery life time: 5 hours in peak power, 10 hours in half power, 20 hours in a quarter power


    Please note that, as a way to reduce our ecological footprint, Marset portable lights ship with only a USB-C charging cord, which can be used with any USB port to charge the fixture's battery. No wall-plug is included.

  • Lead Time

    3-4 Weeks

    • The average Lead Time from the order date to delivery is about 3 weeks. Please contact us if you have more questions. 
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