Summertime Inspiration, Scandinavian Style

July 27, 2017

Summertime Inspiration, Scandinavian Style 

For San Franciscans, our “true summer” (Indian summer) is just right around the corner, but we can start enjoying a summer vibe right now. Since it never seems long enough, summer can leave us wishing we could extend those warmer temperatures, bright blue skies and sunny days for more outdoor time! Whether you’re planning to entertain or simply lounge, bring Scandinavian style to your space regardless of the San Francisco fog. Here are a few of our tips for the intrepid summer designer!



Be Bold with Color

It’s true that the Scandinavian palette tends toward the very minimal, but you’re not breaking any rules with introducing brightly colored accent pieces. Summer is a cheery time to be outdoors, so dare to mix those happy colors with the calming naturals of Scandinavia! Adding those pops of color can make any place truly feel like summer. 



Light Up Your Nights

Lighting plays a crucial role in Scandinavian life style, and yeah, it’s essential for warming up those wintry days and nights, but it’s just as important to those summer evening outdoor sessions. Magical evenings are made with light, so string ‘em up, haul your favorite indoor lamp outdoors for a cozy vibe, or use the oldest trick in the book: candles! Whichever you choose to illuminate your summer nights, do it safely. Getting shocked or burned is definitely not conducive to the magic!  



Fun with Furniture

Scandinavians always know how to combine comfort and style with simplicity and function. Get your summer comfort on with outdoor furniture pieces that double as art, and that’ll withstand the test of time. Zachary A. Design’s outdoor furniture has been a favorite of ours because these pieces are beyond just functional; they are sculptural beauties! Mix and match from the collection and you’ll have a fun and unique summer setting that is sure to impress your guests!



When Nature Calls

Spruce up your backyard, deck or balcony by adding some green. For Scandinavians, connecting with the natural environment is so important, as if it’s woven into their DNA. Incorporating plants and seasonal flower arrangements to indoor and outdoor settings is a way of life. Why not stop and smell the summer like a Scandinavian?


No matter how you choose to create that Scandinavian summer chill spot, let us help. We’ve got plenty of ideas so check out our website for inspiration, and don’t hesitate to holler at us for some free suggestions, proposals, ideas or for anything!

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