1953 was a productive year for the entrepreneurial furniture designer and cabinetmaker Helge Sibast, who spent it coming up with three of his most iconic designs Sibast No 7, No 8 and No 9. Sibast No 9 is a light dining chair with an unfailing sense of style. The chair features a hovering seat and front legs that angle slightly inwards – a design detail which gives the chair a slim, dynamic style seen from the front. From the side, the inverted Y-shaped frame stands out, accentuating the embracing top rail that enhances the chair’s unique identity.


This simple, light, functional chair with its fine artisanal subtleties has been out of production for more than five decades but is now joining the collection at Sibast Furniture, adding yet another chapter to the story of a furniture designer who tirelessly strived for a genuine, refined style and, in his efforts to create the best chair every time, worked through mounds of sketches and fine-tuned both craftsmanship and style to perfection. Sibast No 9 is crafted using wood from FSC®- certified forests and other controlled sources.

Sibast No 9 Dining Chair

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