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With the ambition to manage, develop and reconnect to the Scandinavian design heritage, architect Paul Lunder founded Fjordfiesta in 2001. With strong ties to the aesthetics of Scandinavian design culture and 21st century values regarding ethics and environmental issues, Fjordfiesta’s intention is to create furniture that will last for generations to come.

Thier first mission was to reintroduce the timeless «Scandia» range of chairs, designed by Hans Brattrud in the 1950’s. The chairs, that had been available through vintage dealers only since the mid 70’s, were slightly trimmed by the designer and put into production between 2001 and 2010. This meant the first goal was met. To celebrate, we released the «Scandia Prince Rosewood» special edition, signed and numbered by Hans Brattrud.

Working with designers from different eras reflects Fjordfiesta’s belief in Scandinavian design; both classic and contemporary. Finding the essence of now is equally important to them as recognizing the legacy of the past and they are proud to be working with the creative minds behind design group «Norway Says», known today as «Anderssen & Voll» and «Andreas Engesvik, Oslo».

The journey has only just begun. The vision is to keep on introducing furniture from our finest designers, taking an active part in both preserving and developing the Scandinavian design heritage.



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